What I like about writing. That’s not a hard question to answer, writing is freeing. Writing takes you to anther place in your mind, Writing allows you to express the deepest sometimes darkest paces of your soul. Writing for me is creativity. It lets me make up stuff and then pass it off as real. Not really a lie but not the complete truth either. Fiction. Non fact. I like creating new people to conquer new problems or old problems. I like the freedom it gives me to not be me. But rather a piece of me doled out into a new being who in turn will do something extraordinary. Something I would be to shy to do.

Writing for me is the telling of a story that lives for the moment only in my mind. But once I write it down it becomes alive and sharable. You can read it and it may speak to you, or scare you or just plain entertain you. I like stories that make you think and wonder. In my horror I seek to scare you. Ever ride a roller coaster? Nope me either…lol, my horror can be a roller coaster for those of us who fear them. A roller coaster that I never have to leave my chair to experience, I never have to get out of my bed, yet I can still feel the ups and downs and still be scared out of my shoes (In The Footsteps of a Killer).

Writing is also very personal for me. Years ago my Mom told me about a story that she had come up with or dreamed, not sure now, But she had always said she waned to write it down and make it into a book, Year after year I would ask her, “Mom are you going to start your book?” And she would say “Yes”. One day I bought her a laptop after I had bought mine and started writing. I was trying to inspire her to start her story, it was really good and she called it The Mountain. While I plugged away on my first novel to be traditionally published (In The Footsteps of a Killer). she played Facebook games. Then I finished mine and she read it and loved it. I asked her about her’s. She smiled at me and said “You’re the writer in the family.” Sadly for my family she went home to the Lord and she never wrote about her “Mountain”. One day I will remember all of her story and I will write it for her. And for her and because of her…

Mom you are the best

I will never stop writing.