As I new author and writer I get asked quite a lot. When do you find tine to write? Where do you write? So I sat down and thought about it. When I first started writing I wrote every time I had a spare opportunity. On a bus, as a passenger in a car, on an airplane, when I couldn’t find thing on tv to watch. I got some work done but it wasn’t consistent. Then I thought, I want this to become my career. I need to commit more time to doing it and doing it right. I need to treat it like a job. The only difference being it would be a job that I truly enjoyed. I’m a Flight Attendant and I do truly do enjoy flying but I would enjoy writing for a living much better.

So when and where do you write? Many writers I have come to know tell me that they get up before the family and that they write in the dawn hours before the sun comes up. Some say they write after everyone has gone to bed, The twilight hours when the house is quite and your the only sole moving. These times work and they work well. For me I don’t have a set time, I get up, have a cup of coffee, eat some breakfast then go into my office and write, Hum I guess that is a set time. Most times I find myself in Amsterdam or on some long layover in my hotel room alone with a beer and I write. When I’m on a layover I feel free. I can’t solve any problems at home I can’t go anywhere for the most part and I can turn off my phone and be completely alone.

The thing about it all is, if you write for 30 minutes if you write for an hour if you set a word count for how many words you plan to wire a day as long as you get something down on paper you are doing good. Writing is a process, writing is an art, writing is a job, writing is a joy. If you enjoy it, if you get something down a day on paper, if you want nothing more than to write, just sit down and do it. Writing this blog is writing and while it’s not very long right now give me time. As I find my blogging voice they will get longer. I am after all a writer and what do writers do best?…We write.

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