Covid and my writing

I’m not a great blogger, never have been. I never seem to have enough to say where I can say it every day, or week or month. But that is changing. I’m thinking that the times they are  changing…right?

It’s 2020 and unless you’ve been alone in a box, under a rock, you know what’s going on. Our lives have been hijacked by this virus, This every 100 year monster that has sidelined our entire world. Lives are being lost, jobs are no more, people are acting and reacting as if they were in the Twilight Zone. How does this relate to me and my writing? You may ask? I have been off work for 2 months and will be off for 2 more. Have I taken this time to write? Have I taken this time to develop a new story? No! Actually, hell no? I had to sit and think about this for a minute. I was stunned. I was shocked. Never in my 59 years of life have I ever experienced something so unreal yet so deadly real. I was asked, will you write about this virus later?

Writing about this is not my idea of fun, yet I’m sure at some point it will appear in one of my Horror novels. I can only imagine. I will tell you that it has sparked me to update and re-release my other stories. It’s almost as if I need to get them out so that if something happens my stories will not go unread, unheard, undiscovered. As a writer, what good is writing if you don’t get it out for people to read. So now on the second 2 months of my time at home I WILL write. I will get my stories told. I’ve  never experienced writers block (thankfully) but I experienced virus fright. Yes I was too afraid to make my move. I was too afraid to write my story. At this point I don’t know why. But these next 2 months off work will not be wasted. follow this link to see what I have ready for your reading pleasure. Or check me out at I guarantee before these next 2 months are done there will be more and I will not go quietly into that dark night. I will go kicking and screaming….. Happy Horror


The Joy of a new release

A new release is coming soon. Through The Eye’s of a Killer, is my sequel to In The Footsteps of a Killer. My first book took me only 9 months to write. The sequel was a different story. I was excited to start it. but quickly found out that writing a sequel is quite a different beast. There were so many ways it wanted to go. I had to narrow it down and put a pace to it. My characters wanted to do things other than what I wanted them to do. Sound familiar? We had to come to a compromise and it all worked out.

From the beginning of the first book I was asked was there going to be a sequel. My first response was “well no not really” I quickly learned that when you let other people read your writings they too have a vested interest in your characters. The first person was my Mom who said, “I know you’re going to write a sequel?” which from Mom was more of an order then a question…lol.  Then later, after I sold a few copies and the reviews started coming in that question became. “Hey I can’t wait for the sequel” Ok I thought, “everybody wants a sequel, so I guess I’ll write a sequel.”

So I started writing the sequel and was introduced to new characters whom I hadn’t thought of when I wrote the first one. But as they started talking to me about who they were and what they wanted out of this sequel it became clear, this was meant to be. So as I listen to them talking to me, of course they were talking, the story began to be come to life. The sequel took me a little longer to write then the first but after we ( me and my characters) came to our agreement the rest as they say is history. The story grew and my anticipation for it’s conclusion grew. I even closed my eyes and saw things happening before I put it on paper. I can’t tell you if this came more from the characters or from me but I can tell you that it is as suspense filled and scary as the first, if not more.

The sequel Through The Eyes of a Killer is complete and will soon be released and I couldn’t be more excited. The sequel came with a different set of challenges but in the end it worked out. I am even more excited for this one since it also showed me that I can write a sequel and still have the same fire as I did for the first.

What I like about writing

What I like about writing. That’s not a hard question to answer, writing is freeing. Writing takes you to anther place in your mind, Writing allows you to express the deepest sometimes darkest paces of your soul. Writing for me is creativity. It lets me make up stuff and then pass it off as real. Not really a lie but not the complete truth either. Fiction. Non fact. I like creating new people to conquer new problems or old problems. I like the freedom it gives me to not be me. But rather a piece of me doled out into a new being who in turn will do something extraordinary. Something I would be to shy to do.

Writing for me is the telling of a story that lives for the moment only in my mind. But once I write it down it becomes alive and sharable. You can read it and it may speak to you, or scare you or just plain entertain you. I like stories that make you think and wonder. In my horror I seek to scare you. Ever ride a roller coaster? Nope me either…lol, my horror can be a roller coaster for those of us who fear them. A roller coaster that I never have to leave my chair to experience, I never have to get out of my bed, yet I can still feel the ups and downs and still be scared out of my shoes (In The Footsteps of a Killer).

Writing is also very personal for me. Years ago my Mom told me about a story that she had come up with or dreamed, not sure now, But she had always said she waned to write it down and make it into a book, Year after year I would ask her, “Mom are you going to start your book?” And she would say “Yes”. One day I bought her a laptop after I had bought mine and started writing. I was trying to inspire her to start her story, it was really good and she called it The Mountain. While I plugged away on my first novel to be traditionally published (In The Footsteps of a Killer). she played Facebook games. Then I finished mine and she read it and loved it. I asked her about her’s. She smiled at me and said “You’re the writer in the family.” Sadly for my family she went home to the Lord and she never wrote about her “Mountain”. One day I will remember all of her story and I will write it for her. And for her and because of her…

Mom you are the best

I will never stop writing.

When I find time to write

Finding time to write is not always easy. Children, spouse, jobs, outside commitment all tend to take away from your manuscript. And well let’s face it, it’s a thing called life.

When you think about finding time, you may think, “Okay, I’m gonna knock out this 10000 word novel then go cook dinner. I don’t think that’s quite how it goes. Some people can get up in the morning, the very crack of dawn, before the world begins to turn. Some people find time at the end of the day. The world is quiet and everyone is asleep. Still others can find their moment in the middle of the day, the spouse is at work, the kids are at school and you the writer are in your writing lair with you adult beverage. All of these are great and if they work so much the better. I find that taking 10, 20 minutes a day to jot down what I’m feeling or thinking at the time help me to create a flow. Words put together form a sentence then a paragraph then a story.
An idea, a great character name, their POV, helps me to flesh out a story. It’s almost like a guideline.

In those minutes I can jot down a character description, a great encounter or even just a character name am I am on my way toward a great a story. In those quick 10 to 20 to 30 minutes you can build up enough so that when you do find your quiet moment you are not without material. And as you use that material the time becomes easier to find because now you have something to work from and you don’ have to sit and wait for inspiration to come to you giving your writing time more production.

Some people have no problem finding their writing time others not so easy. Whatever you find that works for you, telling your spouse in bed, “No not until I resolve this chapter” don’t have a spouse myself and not sure if this would work but hey…until you find your writing time try anything because the more you write the more you can accomplish.

Happy Horror

Brunch and Blog

Eggs Benedict, home fries, mimosa and an afternoon of writing. To be more exact blogging. Sundays seem to be great days for doing this. You’ve spent Saturday hanging with the young people in your family. You’ve spent Saturday night hanging with friends. Now it’s Sunday morning. You go to church with grandma and grandpa then head to brunch. Ah brunch with all of the trappings. A few mimosa’s later and your ready to head into the world. So now your home. What to do? What to do? How about writing your blog.

I have decided that Sunday would be my day to blog. I’m usually at home and have spent the morning in church. And after my mimosa fix I can tell you everything about writing from A to Z. Not really but after a few mimosa’s I “think” I can…lol.

Where to write my blog? Where to write when I’m being creative? I have an office space at home where I do the majority of my writing. In my basement, in a little room decorated with books, stuff animals. my four-foot 16 century galleon three-mast ship, and the backdrop from Halloween. Oh and the essentials like a printer, paper, paper shredder, and all things office. This is my writing space and it is as different and weird as I am. Don’t get me wrong I can write almost anywhere and I do. But I think it is always helpful to have a space that is uniquely you and that no one is allowed in to do anything and that is yours all yours. A she shed, a man cave, a writers hut as long as it makes you feel good and you are allowed to be creative in it. That’s my Sunday brunch blog advice to you. Yes write, write, write like I said last time but also have a spot. Your spot, your special place that even if you don’t write in it all the time that it is yours and that no one else create in your space. Next blog I’ll give you an tour of my office.

When do you write?

As I new author and writer I get asked quite a lot. When do you find tine to write? Where do you write? So I sat down and thought about it. When I first started writing I wrote every time I had a spare opportunity. On a bus, as a passenger in a car, on an airplane, when I couldn’t find thing on tv to watch. I got some work done but it wasn’t consistent. Then I thought, I want this to become my career. I need to commit more time to doing it and doing it right. I need to treat it like a job. The only difference being it would be a job that I truly enjoyed. I’m a Flight Attendant and I do truly do enjoy flying but I would enjoy writing for a living much better.

So when and where do you write? Many writers I have come to know tell me that they get up before the family and that they write in the dawn hours before the sun comes up. Some say they write after everyone has gone to bed, The twilight hours when the house is quite and your the only sole moving. These times work and they work well. For me I don’t have a set time, I get up, have a cup of coffee, eat some breakfast then go into my office and write, Hum I guess that is a set time. Most times I find myself in Amsterdam or on some long layover in my hotel room alone with a beer and I write. When I’m on a layover I feel free. I can’t solve any problems at home I can’t go anywhere for the most part and I can turn off my phone and be completely alone.

The thing about it all is, if you write for 30 minutes if you write for an hour if you set a word count for how many words you plan to wire a day as long as you get something down on paper you are doing good. Writing is a process, writing is an art, writing is a job, writing is a joy. If you enjoy it, if you get something down a day on paper, if you want nothing more than to write, just sit down and do it. Writing this blog is writing and while it’s not very long right now give me time. As I find my blogging voice they will get longer. I am after all a writer and what do writers do best?…We write.

A quick shout out my novel In The Footsteps of a Killer is still available at and the sequel Through The Eye’s of a Killer is coming soon. Look for me on Facebook at Author Denise J Bryson, twitter at DeniseJBryson@oneblackroseDJB and on,


#Thebloggingchallenge #2

Hi Folks,

Week two of Motown Writers Blogging Challenge. The subject this time, “Why I write my genre.” Well for me that’s an easy one. My Mom was a horror nut. She watched all the old classic movies like Frankenstein, The Mummy, Dracula and her favorite The Thing and not Kurt Russell’s version, the black and white original.  She watched tv shows like One Step Beyond, The Outer Limits and The Sixth Sense. Her favorite author was Stephen King, Dean Koontz, John Saul.  OMGoodness is it any wonder that my favorite genre is horror. I took the horror one step further because I watched shows like The Munsters, The Adams Family and found my humor in horror.

We would read together, sit for hours in front of the T.V. watching a full day of horror. I never had nightmares that scared me because I was already scared when I went to bed but I always knew that when I woke up she would be there. With horror I find a unique challenge. You have to take something most unreal and make it real enough that the fear that it could happen brings the real fear.  Stephen King took an ordinary lawn mower and made you fear Lawn mower man. He took a beautiful St Bernard and made you fear Cujo. Dean Koontz took a common household pest and made you fear the dark. Horror for me is exciting and I can introduce new worlds, new people new situations that only exist in our nightmares and dreams.

When I first started writing my horror my only intent was to scare. I wrote my first one and copy wrote it in 2011. Fear was my only concern, later as I re read it I realized that it was a little too dark for my liking. Mom read everything I wrote and loved them. Her favorite was my published novel In The Footsteps of a Killer through Artistic Words Publishing. She asked me after reading it, “Did I do this to you?”  “Um yeah ma ya did,” We laughed. This novel was a little different then the first one. I wrote it to scare. The fear factor was the most important aspect of it however I needed to bring forth a little light. I needed to add a spiritual touch. A touch of God to remind us that there is always good. Evil does not exist without good. God can and will make right all wrongs. Someone once said that I wrote spiritual warfare, I’m not sure if I’d call it that but I do know that evil can not exist without good and good does not exist without evil.

Now ask me if my horror is still scary. Yes, yes it is. But isn’t it comforting to know that in the midst of horror there is and can be some light? Aren’t you happy that after I scare the hell out of you I will let you down easy (Maybe) not all of my stories have a happy ending. My horror story ideas come to me most times in dreams. Some are so graphic that even I don’t want to touch them. They disappear with the light of dawn and if I can’t introduce some light I leave that dream on the cutting floor. Nightmares, dreams whichever they come to me as I decide if I want to write them or not. I am in control of the horror and as long as I am the horror will almost always have some light.

Until the next weeks blog, Denise signing off and saying ….Happy Horror!

#The Blogging Challenge

Hi everyone Denise here, Denise Bryson and I have accepted Sylvia Hubbard, fonder of Motown Writers challenge to do a blog, once a week in September. The topic I chose is “The first story I remember writing.” But first a little bit about me. I live in Detroit, Mi. and am an avid Horror fan. I read, watch and write Horror. My Mom was a huge horror nut and I didn’t fall too far from the tree. I am published through Artistic Words Publishing with my story “In The Footsteps of a Killer” as well as being self published at

The first story I remember writing was called ‘The Last Witch in Salem.” I was in the fourth grade so I must have been somewhere around 8 or 9. The story was about a woman who indeed was the last witch. While she never used her powers to hurt anyone she was jilted by her boyfriend and turned in as a witch. Not because he knew but because he wanted someone else. So as she stood tied to the stake and about to be burned, she is asked if she has any last words. She recounts her good spells and deeds for the people of the Hamlet and how she helped them all and then her furry takes over. She unleashes her power to enact revenge on all who stood in front of her yelling burn the witch.

I of course won’t tell you how it ends because I still have plans for it. My teacher had a hard time believing that an 8 year old could write such a story and well I’m still looking for the story line so I don’t know what to tell her. My Mom believed in me and my story and even though I never wanted to write again for a long time after that,  I stand by my story. It took until my late twenties before I even considered writing again and I am here now to say, “teachers beware of how you speak. Don’t be a dream crusher”

In acceptance to this challenge I was going to do a video blog and step up my game but I seem to have run into some technical problem which I hope to have fixed by next blog. So until next weeks topic this is Denise signing off and saying…”Happy Horror!”